Best Free Plagiarism Checker for Writers.

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The act of using someone else's words, concepts, works, etc. as one's own is known as plagiarism. And it turns out that it happens more often than we realize.

According to recent research, there are comparable or replicated pieces of material on 1.5 billion of the world's more than 5 billion online pages. Almost 30% of websites actively copy content, according to this statistic.

For writers and other content producers, this is a stunning and upsetting bit of news.

Nevertheless, there are situations when we unknowingly use one or two sentences from another source. Depending on where you got the content from that you copied, this could have serious consequences.


Grammica Plagiarism Checker:

The plagiarism checker provided by Grammica, your go-to writing assistance, is of the highest calibre. Thus, it not only edits your writing and analyses your grammar but also scans and double-checks it against databases like ProQuest and over 16 billion web pages. When text corresponds to text online or in the database, it identifies plagiarism and issues plagiarism alerts.

Your document's total originality score is determined by Grammica Instant Report, which also informs you of the number of content duplication issues. Additionally, it provides numerous writing styles, advice on grammar, vocabulary, and syntax in addition to highlighting the plagiarised passages so that you can edit them.