Significance and Types of Water Treatment Plants

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Water, an all natural and essential resource is undoubtedly probably the most indispensable part of our lives. Although it is pure naturally, the purity of water is diminished with the contamination of various sources such as for instance chemicals, pollutants and several organic materials

The use of water treatment plant is one of different methodologies invented by mankind to truly save this precious natural resource from being depleted. Water is treated to make it ideal for human consumption through various processes. The growing rate of population has led to the consequent decrease in the availability with this natural resource. Recycling is one of the best methods to meet up the growing needs of the people.

Water Treatment Plant- Types and Uses

You can find various kinds of water treatment plants which use various forms of equipments to purify water from pollution, chemicals and so forth. Chlorination, coagulation, disinfection, sedimentation and filtration are some of the very common processes undergone in such purifying plants. reverse osmosis system

Packaged water treatment plant: These plants are accustomed to purify and reduce the COD levels in the water. Different processes are utilized in these plants such as precipitation, coagulation, ion exchange and reverse osmosis. These plants are widely used for separating suspended solids from river and lake water.

Ozone based plants: One of the very popular plants for treating pool water. The ozone based plants use ozone to disinfect the water and it requires no other number of chemicals for purification.